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Plaque marks Burntisland as Fife's favourite conservation area

Plaque marks Burntisland as Fife's favourite conservation area

Provost Jim Leishman today (Wednesday 10 October) unveiled a new plaque marking Burntisland as Fife’s favourite conservation area.

Almost 2,000 people took part in the vote, which was organised by Fife Council’s built heritage officer Fiona Fisher, to see the town win this prestigious title.

Commenting, Provost Jim Leishman, said: “I’m pleased to be unveiling this plaque today. There are 48 conservation areas in Fife which reflects the rich built heritage we have in our Kingdom. These beautiful, interesting and historic places contribute to our economy, environment, and arguably, to our wellbeing and Burntisland is a well deserving winner.”

Cllr Neil Crooks, Convener of the Kirkcaldy Area Committee said: “Burntisland is a worthy winner. The conservation area contains two churches of note, the Kirkton Old Church from the 12th century and the parish church, a mere youngster from the 1590s where the bible in English, as opposed to Latin, was first decided upon. The fantastic natural harbour and abundant local resources of limestone and coal, led to it becoming an important port, known as the Port of Grace, later a railway hub, shipbuilding centre and major ferry crossing before the Forth Bridge. Industry and trade continued with the Grange distillery and the aluminium works. In the 19th century, its superb sandy beach led to its development as a place to “take the waters”. Today Burntisland has, like most places, grown and spread, but the conservation area is still recognisable and there is a strong local identity.”

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