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Snapping Fife - YOYP2018

Year of Young People: Iain Gallacher

19 year old Iain Gallacher is a keen and extremely talented photographer who has a wee passion for Fife. We caught up with Iain to ask him exactly what it was that drew him to our beautful Kingdom. 

"Why do I love Fife? Mmm...why would you not!!

Personally, I love that Fife has such a wide variety of subject choices for me as a photographer. 

Agriculture, a rich heritage, history within buildings or even in an empty field with hand built walls, wildlife and beautiful coastlines just to name a few! For me, Fife has always been a place that my family and I go to relax while spending time together. Nothing can beat time spend with your nearest and dearest and what better place to spend this than in the Kingdom of Fife" 

You can check out Iain's work at but we've got some of Iain's favourite shots below



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